The cost of achieving great things usually requires sacrifice and focus. When the Jewish people were called upon to occupy Jerusalem, they found themselves at a crossroads. This next step of faith would require giving up their comfort. In fact, it would require they give up everything. Just as they were called by God to step out in faith, we are called by God to move Beyond Our Comfort to achieve great things.

Nehemiah was aligned with God’s heart for rebuilding Jerusalem. Read Jeremiah 25:1, 8, and 11. These verses tell the story of Jerusalem’s destruction. For what reasons would Nehemiah be interested in the condition of Jerusalem? For help read 2 Chronicles 36: 20-21.

God had given Nehemiah a vision to rebuild Jerusalem. What excuses could Nehemiah have used to avoid attempting to fulfill the vision? What excuses do we give that keep us from attempting great things for God?

Nehemiah sets out to rebuild the wall and restore the city. How long did it take Nehemiah to accomplish such a task? Read Nehemiah 6:15. What could we conclude about the rebuilding of the wall based on this verse? What was the outcome of finishing the wall? Read Nehemiah 6:16 for help.

The people thought finishing the wall was the end but it was only the beginning. Read Nehemiah 9:2. We see the Israelites confessing past and present sins. What is God doing new in your life? How can confession help make way for God to do new things in our lives?

Nehemiah 11:1-2 describes the response that the Israelites made after seeing God work through them to rebuild the wall. They were willing to make big sacrifices to accomplish God’s work. What does verse two say the willing people did? How can we become more willing to make such sacrifices to build God’s kingdom?

Maybe you see God working in your life, but you are unwilling to sacrifice for His kingdom. Starting in verse 3 of Nehemiah 11, we see the names of all those willing to go about God’s kingdom work restoring Jerusalem. Read Nehemiah 12:43 to see what the people experienced. How could this verse increase our willingness?