Welcome to our Fall Bible Study of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesian Church! LifePoint’s mission is to influence people to find and follow Jesus with the goal of becoming Christ-like influencers. A Christ-like influencer engages with God daily. But what does that look like? This study is designed to help guide you through daily study of the Book of Ephesians.

Ephesians reveals the riches of God’s extravagant love for His people and shows us how we should invest our time and relationships to live in the fullness of God’s love together.

In Ephesians, God reveals to us aspects of His character, challenges us
to be worthy of our calling in Christ, and gives us direction in our personal interactions with each other. Ephesians is a foundational explanation of the principle of unity in the church, teaching us how use the gifts of grace we have been given to love and serve one another.