Serving isn’t glamorous. Giving of our time and energy can seem like an inconvenience. But it is never a waste of time. In God’s economy, the goodness we experience in our lives is always greatly multiplied when we choose to follow him and walk in the good works he has prepared for us. The goodness we receive may not always come to us the way we expect, but God always honors and blesses our choice to love him by serving others.

Have you ever agreed to serve with a negative attitude only to find that you really enjoyed the experience?

Think of a time when you chose to serve others and wound up feeling like you received more than you gave. What was it about that experience that produced that result?

Read Ephesians 2:8-10. What connection does this passage make between our salvation and our works? What relationship do works have with salvation?

Read Isaiah 6:8. Are there any needs that you feel like God is calling you to meet? Pray about one need that God might be calling you to meet.

What is one way you can meaningfully engage to serve the church right now? What, if anything, is keeping you from doing that? How can you remove that obstacle?