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American culture gives us almost no need for loyalty. We regularly switch brands or cancel plans via text message. We have learned to avoid commitment as a negative thing, forgetting the benefits that accompany it. In this sermon, we’ll discuss the need to remember that God calls His people to commit to following Him. This call to commitment is how God intends for His people to show His love to the world and affect change for His kingdom.

How do you define commitment? Where have you seen its importance in your life?

Read 2 Timothy 2:13 and Hebrews 13:8. What do these passages teach us about God’s consistency? What does consistency say about commitment?

Read Romans 12:9. How does Paul challenge the Romans to display change in their lives? How is the concept of change connected to the idea of commitment?

Read James 4:8. What does it mean to draw near to God and have Him draw near to you? What does this kind of closeness have to do with commitment?

Read Matthew 22:37-40 and Philippians 2:5-8. What would it look like for you to commit to having the attitude of Christ, loving as He loves?