Engages with God Daily

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One way to gauge your progress as a person who wants to follow Jesus is to ask whether or not you engage with God every day. Do you instinctively turn to God as a habit and include Him as a normal part of your life? When we understand God makes movement toward us every day, it makes perfect sense for us to make movement toward Him.

Take a few minutes to chew on this question: “What does God think of you when He thinks of you?” How do you think most people might answer that question? How would you answer it?

Many people are surprised to discover God thinks good thoughts toward them. Read Psalm 139:17-18. Put in your own words the good thoughts God is thinking about you.

Read Psalm 55:17, 63:1, 6. What do you notice about the Psalmist’s pattern of engagement with God? What do you do daily to engage with God?

We sometimes refer to daily time with God as a “quiet time.” What is a quiet time? Have you found a quiet time helpful in your spiritual growth plan? What do you do for your quiet time?

Engaging with God daily is actually bigger than just having a quiet time. Think of all the ways you can engage with God throughout your day. Which of these practices would you describe as habits you have built into your life?

God initiates and we respond. Read 1 John 4:19. What part does God’s engagement with us play in our engagement with Him? What motivates you to engage with God daily?