The last book of the Bible is one of the most difficult to understand. Revelation contains imagery and symbolism that can be very confusing. One such passage in Revelation involves Jesus warning a church that he is preparing to “spit them out of his mouth” because they are “neither hot nor cold.” What does this warning mean? Was this church in danger of losing salvation or did Jesus mean something else?

Have you ever been treated with indifference by someone important to you? What was that like? How did you respond?

Read Revelation 3:14-16. Who is talking and what is the problem? Why do you think Jesus prefers a “cold” believer to a “lukewarm” believer?

Read Revelation 3:17, 18. What specific information are we given about the priorities of this church? What is the source of their problem?

What is Jesus talking about when he says that he “stands at the door and knocks?” To whom is this invitation given and what does it mean?

There are many parallels between the church in America and the church in Laodicea, what can we learn from the warning they are given and how can we take it to heart?