Invests Relationally

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Relationships are central to the Christian Faith. The two greatest commandments in all of scripture are rooted in relationship – love God, love others. Jesus said that all of the words and laws of the Bible could be reduced to our need to love God and others. Indeed, everything He did was an act of love for His Father and love for people. Jesus invested well in relationships. When we follow Him, so can we.

How are your relationships? Healthy? Hurting? Are you investing the way you would like in your relationships? Why or why not?

Think of three people who have invested in you in different areas or at different times in your life. What did they see in you? What influence did they make for you? What do they mean to you?

The thread of relationships is woven throughout the tapestry of scripture. Remove this thread and the whole thing falls apart. Think of some of the major relationships that we see throughout the scripture. What different kinds do you see?

Read Mark 12:29-31 and Matthew 28:18-20. What do these two passages have to do with relationships and how are they connected?

In New Testament we can see three different kinds of relationships: Investing Down – Paul to Timothy; Investing Across – Paul and Barnabas; and Investing Up – Timothy to Paul. What role to each of these kinds of relationships have in our lives? Who is your Timothy? Your Barnabas? Your Paul?