It’s easy to say that we love someone or a group of people and it’s good and right to communicate that love with our words. Putting that love into action, however, can be challenging at times. If we don’t demonstrate our love in our actions, our words about love become empty and meaningless. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors the way we want to be loved, but how do we do this? Sometimes it starts with a simple act.

Read Matthew 22:37-40. In these verses, Jesus gives two commands. Which one is more challenging for you to follow in your life? Why?

Who are some “neighbors” you can show love to? Who are some people that are not like you at all that you could show love to? What kind of things can you do to love them?

What are 3 things that prevent you from loving others the way you want to and the way Jesus taught us to? How can you minimize those 3 things in order to clear the way for you to love others more?

Have you or your family ever been the recipients of generous love from someone else? What was it like? How did impact your heart?