Next Level Faith

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Sometimes we forget the power of a friend. Inside jokes, encouragement, support, and camaraderie all add together to make for a good friendship. However, the mark of true friendship is ultimately based on love. True friends exercise sacrificial love for one another. Today we will take a closer look at how our faith as believers impacts those we love and just how big an influence our faith can actually have. We also need the courage to know how to leverage it.

How important have your friendships been for you? Can you think of circumstances where your friends came through for you when you needed them most?

If we are honest, maintaining friendships is difficult. Friendships take sacrifice and investment. However, for those that have created deep friendships, the benefits are rich and rewarding. How might our sacrificial love help us deepen our friendships, share our faith and lead our friends toward Christ?

Read Mark 2:2. What are some barriers you face when you desire to bring your friends to Jesus?

Do you ever consider taking a risk in order to accomplish a supernatural work of God in your own life? How about in the lives of others?

Read Mark 2:5. What can we conclude Jesus was valuing most in the life of the paralyzed man because of what Jesus said to the paralyzed man? How can Jesus’ interactions with the man inform our values?

What are ways that you can be light where you are for those around you to see Christ? How can you leverage your faith at a new level in the lives of your friends?