Advent is simply about waiting and in the last couple weeks we’ve heard about how to wait and the significance of what we’re waiting for. In this last week of Advent, we seek to understand our role in preparing ourselves. It’s easy for us to create plans for every scenario and possible outcome in our lives, but how does God really define readiness?

Would you describe yourself as typically prepared or underprepared in general? Does that change when it comes to Christmas planning?

With regard to sitting in the tension mentioned this week, what does that look like for you? What kinds of things, outside of your control, do you find yourself up against?

If God’s plans are truly better than your own, as in Mary’s case, in what ways could you be more open to that? What would it cost you to live that out?

In what ways can your belief become tangible this Christmas season? In what ways will you allow God to use you for His glory?