Things Happen When We Give

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It seems like money is an obsession in our culture. Whether it’s lottery winners or superstars with giant contracts, many people are fascinated by those who “have it all.” Our view of money says a lot about us. And God’s view of money says a lot about God. While money itself might be a neutral thing, it can unleash a power either for destruction or for immense good. When we’re generous in sharing our resources, wonderful things can happen.

Why does our culture seem to be so obsessed with money? Why are some people generous in sharing their money and possessions while others are less so? Would you describe yourself as a generous person? Why or why not?

The foundational scripture reference for our Be Rich emphasis is found in 1 Timothy 6:18. Take a moment to evaluate each component of Paul’s advice to Timothy. What could happen in and through our church if we really embraced the content of this verse?

Describe the feelings you might have when you share your resources and do good for someone else. In what ways does your generosity reflect the heart of God?

Read Luke 16:9-13. What is this passage describing? In what sense is money a “little” thing? What is the relationship between faithfulness with money and faithfulness with spiritual things (true riches)?

How does the principle of sowing and reaping apply to the giving of your money? Look at 2 Corinthians 9:6 more carefully for insights (also compare Luke 6:38 and Proverbs 11:25).

Do you have a plan in place for the sharing of your resources? What is it? In what ways have you found that generosity brings you joy and contentment?