Things Happen When We Serve

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Typically, we serve when we are made aware of a need. However, we can easily go through life without ever seeing the people who need love and kindness right in front of us. But when we intentionally and prayerfully resist the myriad of distractions and reach out to people in need, things happen when we serve. God’s Spirit works through us to bring out results we can and some we can’t see.

Describe a time when you realized there was a need that you had previously not seen. What caused you to become aware of the need? What had prevented you from noticing it before?

Think of a time when you helped someone or some people in need. What were the visible results from your help? What else do you think may have resulted from your help, but you were not able to physically see?

Read Isaiah 58:6-9 again. What comes to your mind when you read these verses? Does this passage inspire you to reach out to people in need? Or does it give you anxiety or fears about engaging people in ways that make you nervous?

Our serving has ripple effects that we may not see. Have you ever been on the receiving end of those kind of ripple effects? Has someone ever helped you but didn’t even realize it? Although we may not see them, describe some possible effects of the ripple created by our serving.

In this week’s services, we challenged everyone to sign up for a serving project through the Be Rich page on our website. Which project will you do? How can you keep the momentum going once your project is done? What makes a project become something that continues beyond the completion date? What are the most important results of our Be Rich Serve projects?