Every human being is born in critical condition. We’re in trouble. Our inability to personally save ourselves and get right with God leaves us completely vulnerable. Christmas begins with your need and ends with God’s love. You need a Savior—a Savior who has come to give you life!

As Christmas approaches, think of memories or traditions to you have during the season? In what ways has society removed Christ from Christmas? Is it possible you have removed Christ from Christmas? If so, how?

As the sermon title reminds us, You Need a Savior. Why do you need a savior? In what sense is every human being born “in trouble” and in “critical condition?”

Genesis recalls that fateful day when human beings fell into sin and became separated from God. Read Genesis 3:12-15. These verses contain the first hint that a savior would come. How was this promise ultimately fulfilled?

Because death entered the world through sin, there’s only one solution: life. Read John 10:10. Why is the giving of life ultimately the point of why Jesus came? What does it mean for you to have life in Christ?

There is another story of Christmas you may not often hear. Read Revelation 12:1-12. Who are the characters in this story? In what sense are you involved in a great battle?

What are some simple ways you can help others realize their need for a Savior? What does it mean to lead someone to Jesus? What people can you pray for in your circle of influence?