A Beautiful Thing

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Mark's Gospel, Sermon

As Jesus prepared for the cross, an unnamed woman responded to Jesus with faith in a unique way. She understood truth about Jesus that eluded other disciples and gave Jesus an extravagant gift. Let’s remember how her example teaches us to follow the Lord with faith and sacrifice.

When presented with the opportunity, this woman responds to Jesus with faith in a unique way. How does she teach us to follow and respond to Jesus with faith and sacrifice?

In Mark 14:6 (NIV), Jesus refers to what the woman does as “a beautiful thing.” How would you explain the beauty of her pouring the expensive perfume on Jesus’ head? What “beautiful things” can we do for Jesus and others today?

The woman’s actions were pleasing to Jesus but condemned by his disciples. Have you ever done anything that you knew was pleasing to the Lord but was condemned or criticized by other believers? How did it make you feel? How did you respond?

Read Mark 14:1-2 and 10-11 and consider/discuss the influence Judas had on the religious leaders. How did Judas impact their behavior/decisions/actions? What do you think about the religious leaders being “delighted” (v.11) to hear of Judas’ decision to betray Jesus? What do you think made Judas, a close follower of Jesus, do something like this?

This woman did what she could for Jesus and gave what she had to Jesus. How might these simple, yet meaningful terms apply to your service to Jesus and others? How might they apply to your relationships with Jesus and others?

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