A Long and Winding Road

by Apr 7, 2019Road to Easter, Sermon

The Road to Easter runs the entire length of the Bible. The whole of scripture is the unfolding story of the Father’s plan to redeem the world through the death and resurrection of His beloved Son. As with all roads, the destination is harder to see when the journey begins, but if we look carefully, we can see that right from the beginning God was calling people to walk a road that leads to Jesus.   

Discussion Questions

When did you begin walking your Road to Easter? How did you come to understand and believe in Jesus death and resurrection? What did you think about God when you first began? 

Read Genesis 21. What do you learn about God’s promise to Abraham and the importance of Isaac?

Read Genesis 22:1 & 2. What is your initial reaction to what God asks Abraham to do? What questions does this raise about God for you? What questions do you think it raised for Abraham?  

Have you ever felt like God was going back on His promises or leading you down a road you didn’t want to travel? How did you navigate that? What did you learn?

Read Genesis 12:1-3 and Genesis 15:1-6. Do these passages give you any insight into Abraham’s response to God?

Do a Google search on the Land of Moriah. What do you learn? What does this tell you about Abraham and the Road to Easter?

How can this strange story from the Old Testament encourage us in our walk on the Road to Easter?

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