Songs are powerful things. The combine melody and harmony. They express both truth and emotion. They can fill us with joy and hope or with lament and sorrow. Through the beauty of song we worship, we celebrate, and we mourn. In the Psalms, the worship songs of the Bible, we are told that God gives us a new song to sing. What is this song? Where does it come from? How do we sing it?

Discussion Questions

Are there songs that are special to you? What makes them special? What do they represent or mean in your life?

Read Psalm 40:1-3. What are your reactions to David’s words?

Have you ever experienced a time when you “hoped urgently for the Lord?” What was that like? What did you learn from it? how did God respond?

Has God ever lifted you from the pit and made your footsteps firm? What happened?

A new song is a song of salvation and worship and a fresh vision of God. How do you sing it and what do you sing about?

In what ways has God made you express yourself creatively? In what ways can/do you express your song?

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