Get Your Life Back

The world moves fast. Have you ever felt squeezed from every side by life’s incessant demands? There’s a lunacy to the pace we insist on embracing. Remarkably, we can be oblivious to the consequences of a world gone upside down and unaware of the gradual erosion of our inner life. It’s like we’re under a spell—convinced that this dysfunction is normal for living in today’s world. But wait! That’s just not true. And neither are we victims. God wants to give you peaceful and joy-filled relief from demands He has never imposed on you. So, maybe it’s time for a change. Beginning now. Maybe it’s time to get your life back.

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Get Outside

Here’s a disturbing reality: we spend most of our lives indoors. But something special happens when we encounter God outside. Nature has the power to calm and quiet us. There is something restorative about an encounter with God under a canopy of stars or by the crashing waves of an ocean.

Kindness Toward Ourselves

There is often enormous pressure to keep up with the non-stop noise and activity of our modern world. Jesus offers us an alternative to this frantic pace but following Him and resisting the pressure around us will require a simple act: kindness toward ourselves.

Simple Unplugging

Our immediate access to people and information through the use of technology has become a prevailing cultural norm. Simple, intentional unplugging creates this space for us to experience the life-giving power of God while strengthening our ability to resist conforming to a pattern of constant attention-grabbing distractions.

Drinking Beauty

God’s brushstrokes of beauty are everywhere. But seeing them means that we look up from our cell phones long enough to notice God’s intentional design. Maybe it’s time to get your life back by drinking deeply of the beauty that should never be ignored.

Pausing to Detach

So much about the pace of life conspires against us. What would happen if we built pauses into our day—benevolent detachment from the siren call of the fast and furious? Maybe God is not waiting for us to catch up; instead, maybe He’s waiting for us to slow down.