Grow Up

Believing in Jesus marks the beginning of a new life. And it’s normal for living things to grow. But growth occurs only through nourishment. No wonder God reminds us to be aware of the importance of spiritual maturity. Paying attention to the work of His Spirit in us. Cooperating with God’s intention for our progress. Ignoring a diligent pursuit of spiritual growth leads to spiritual atrophy—a withering of life and the choking of the potential placed in us by God. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that throughout the Scriptures God urges believers in Jesus to grow up.


Small Group/Huge Impact

Growing in Christian community is sometimes reduced to our gathering together in worship services and attending other congregational activities and events. While community growth can certainly occur in these venues, it is much more than that.


We’re commanded, over and over again in the Bible, to meditate on God’s word. So it makes sense that when the “Reveal” study surveyed thousands of Christians the behavior found to be most important for growing in Christ was “reflection on scripture” or meditation.

Resistance Training

Our muscles grow stronger when we repeatedly push against a weight or force. Similarly, as followers of Jesus, we can grow spiritually stronger when we encounter resistance.

Stages of Growth

While salvation is instantaneous, spiritual maturity involves a process. It’s one filled with twists and turns and failures and successes. No matter where you are now, the goal is to grow up.

Time to Grow Up

Change is part of life. And we can change for good or change for the not-so-good. In the language of the Bible, changing for good is called growth. It’s normal for living things to grow—under one condition—if they’re nourished. In other words, growth doesn’t happen when we do nothing.