Mic’d Up

Our world is filled with outlets where we can push our words and opinions on others, sometimes indiscriminately. So, it’s easy to ignore the consequences of what we say as our words land in the hearts of others. But what if we were “mic’d up”—aware that our words were being recorded and available for immediate critique by others and by God. Would we not be more careful about how we talk? We’ve all said things we wish we hadn’t. Maybe more often, we can say things we’re glad we said.


Choose Wisely

We are accountable for the words we choose to use. As believers who have put off the old self and put on the new self, we have to make a conscious effort to move from using corrupting words to using encouraging words.

Truth & Love

There’s a tension we may experience between truth and love: telling someone the truth doesn’t always seem loving, and sometimes loving people can feel as though it comes at the expense of telling the truth.

Hope Floats

Most of us are desperate for hope—especially words of hope spoken to us by others. In difficult or terrible circumstances, hearing the right words can completely change our course. And here’s the thing about words of hope; they’re contagious.

The Power of What You Say

Words have power. Power to build up or power to destroy. Armed with any other weapon as strong as words, you might be required to be trained and certified. That’s not a bad idea.