Contributing During COVID

by Apr 9, 2020Article

LifePoint is connected to many organizations in the community that depend on our financial assistance on a monthly basis. These funds are allocated in our annual budget each year and we rely on the consistent giving of our church members to meet these commitments. Each organization we support serves our community in a unique way. Giving to LifePoint is a way to connect to our local partners and support their serve efforts. 

Some of Our Local Partners

From medical and public health needs to economic uncertainty impacting vulnerable populations, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating unmet needs above and beyond the usual for these groups.  LifePoint’s goal is to maintain our support in this time of uncertainty.  Donors can make the greatest difference by supporting organizations that are serving vulnerable populations who will be most affected by the virus’s spread and the associated economic impact.

The Human Services Program is one such program which focuses on helping low income families meet needs and find resources to enhance their quality of life whether it be through job development, parenting or budgeting classes.  The Cold Weather Shelter is another organization that falls under the umbrella of Human Services and serves our homeless community by providing overnight shelter and a warm meal in the cold winter months.  Further out, we offer support to the North East Social Action Program (NESAP) in Hampstead, with services that include financial assistance (for rent, fuel, utilities, transportation, and medical bills), as well as food, clothing, school supplies and Christmas assistance.

In Reisterstown, LifePoint supports the Community Crisis Center as well as the Alpha Pregnancy Center serving those struggling with the challenges that surround an unplanned pregnancy.  Our support not only helps this service reach more women but it also supports the excellence of the services provided.

There are also organizations such as The Shepherd’s Staff in Westminster who are privately funded and do not receive any federal, state, or county funding.  These groups rely on community donations.  With more people are struggling, donations have seen a major decrease while requests continue to come in.

Currently, many of our local partners are struggling to provide quality services. The biggest need is the lack of food resources available from the major donors. Many of our partners, including Westminster Rescue Mission, receive day-old donations from local grocery stores to provide to the families they serve, and these donations can no longer be counted on.  Many of our partnering organizations are asking for financial and/or food donations. This seems basic, however, with the challenge of social distancing this is a very effective and efficient way to give back.  

Direct Community Giving

Beyond these organizations, there are people in our community who truly at risk to leave their house for any reason. LifePoint volunteers are shopping and delivering meals to these people. Caregivers are providing for individuals who are medically fragile (due to COVID 19 or other circumstances). We have volunteers whose sole purpose is to call others and check on how they are and if they have any physical need. We have initiated a “Feeding Our Heroes” fund, which is used to feed those in Carroll Hospital Center since the cafeteria was closed. We have set up a fund to help provide supplies for our partners who are serving their community and for local hospitals. We are doing our best to provide the best to the community in every way.

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