Cradle to Cross

by | Dec 19, 2021 | Sermon

God’s plan for humanity is grand in scope and scale! It also seems at least mildly absurd. The all-powerful God of all creation enters the world as a helpless baby. And his final days on earth are spent in humiliation and suffering—becoming sin for a sinful human race. It’s a story that goes from cradle to cross. A story that includes both Christmas and Easter. And a story that includes you.

What seems ordinary or at least mildly absurd about Christ’s coming into the world? Why does God’s plan include such ordinariness and seclusion?

Christ’s coming seemed innocent enough for most, except for King Herod. Why was King Herod disturbed by the birth of Jesus (Matthew 2:1-3) What action did Herod take (Matthew 2:16)?

Why is the Christmas story incomplete without the Easter story? Describe your thoughts and feelings about Jesus’ going from cradle to cross.

Read Revelation 13:8. What do you notice about the death of Jesus in this verse? How does God’s plan include you?

How might including Easter in your Christmas celebration change your perspective of the Christmas holiday?

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