We’re commanded, over and over again in the Bible, to meditate on God’s word. So it makes sense that when the “Reveal” study surveyed thousands of Christians the behavior found to be most important for growing in Christ was “reflection on scripture” or meditation. Yet for many of us, meditation on scripture is a foreign concept. Today we’ll talk about how and why meditation can help us grow, and how we can begin to do this ourselves.

When you hear the word “meditation” what ideas come to mind? If you’ve tried to meditate before, what was the result? If not, why?

Read these passages: Josh 1:8, Ps 1:2, Ps 119:15, Ps 119:48, Phil 4:8, Col 3:2. What do they all have in common? What are they encouraging you to do?

Think of a time when you experienced negative emotions (e.g., fear, anger, anxiety). Think about why you felt this way. Try to determine your underlying thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that may have led to the negative emotion.

Do you have any scripture memorized? If you think you don’t, you may be surprised! Look at Matt 6:9-13.

Read Col 3:1-17. If you were to memorize this passage how do you think it might impact your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas?

Read Ps 23. If you were to memorize this passage how do you think it might impact your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas?

Memorize a passage of scripture that’s meaningful to you. Some suggestions include Col 3:1-17, Ps 23, Rom 5:1-5, Rom 8:1-4. Don’t try to rush it, take your time. Reflect on what memorization techniques work best for you and how having this passage in your mind impacts your thoughts and ideas.

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