Day 9

Five Proverbs about Our Words

from the Proverbs reading plan

Read the Word

Proverbs 12:18,22 | Proverbs 15:23 | Proverbs 18:6-8 | Proverbs 18:21 | Proverbs 21:23


When it comes how we use our words, Proverbs speaks in colorful but direct language, pulling no punches. It’s no surprise that our mouth can get us in trouble! When spoken in anger or haste, our words can cause great harm, hurting feelings, damaging relationships, and complicating conflict. Gossip and lies can erode years of trust in a moment. As Proverbs 18:21 eloquently reminds us, death is in the power of the tongue.

The good news is that our tongues also have the power of life. We can speak uplifting, encouraging words that bring healing instead of hurt. We can practice holding our tongues when we don’t have something positive to say. We can learn the value of a word spoken in season. And when we forget and our mouths get us in trouble, we can ask for forgiveness and try again tomorrow.


Think of a time that your mouth got you into significant trouble. What could have gone differently if you had followed the advice of today’s proverbs?

Which proverb about our words stood out to you the most? Why? Write it out on a post-it note and stick it somewhere where you’ll see it often this week.

Extra credit: if there is someone who you have recently hurt by something you said, make amends to them today.