God paints on a large canvas. His creativity is seen in the grandeur of the mountains, in the wildflowers on a rolling hillside, in classic masterpieces in an art gallery, or in the curious expression on the face of a child. Beauty is all around us. But seeing it means that we look up from our cell phones long enough to notice God’s intentional design. God’s brushstrokes of beauty are everywhere. Is it any wonder that God, Himself is called beautiful? Maybe it’s time to get your life back by drinking deeply of the beauty that should never be ignored.

Even though the world is broken, it is still filled with beauty. Where have you seen beauty throughout your world?

Read Psalm 27:4. In what sense is God beautiful? What prevents you from freely referring to God as being beautiful?

If God is beautiful, then it makes sense that His beauty would be reflected in the world around us. What does Romans 1:20 tell us about God and His creation? How has God revealed Himself in creation?

John Eldredge notes that, “Beauty is one of the richest graces God has provided to heal our souls and absorb his goodness.” How is that statement experienced in your life?

How does beauty help you battle the chaos all around you? What special reminders of beauty have you placed around you at work or in your home? How does beauty help give you peace in your inner world?

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