Easter: This Is Not The End

by Apr 1, 2018Easter, Sermon

No matter the obstacles or the challenges, God is able to help you in ways you may not expect. At every turn or dead end, He can surprise you with His plans and His presence. What feels like the end may actually be a new beginning.

Discussion Questions

Everyone faces challenges and difficulties. What are your most recent challenging circumstances? How are you dealing with them?

The followers of Jesus must have felt defeated when Jesus was crucified and dead. Why does resurrection require death? How have you come to life through unexpected dark times?

The reality of the resurrection is an absolute necessity to faith in Christ. Why is the resurrection of Jesus essential? Read 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 for insights.

Resurrection is a picture of life from death. In what ways have you experienced resurrection power in bringing you from “dead” times to a new beginning? What is the most exciting new beginning you are experiencing?

The resurrection of Jesus was the most powerful, catalytic event that launched the early church. Why was this event more powerful than even a creed or religious dogma? Why would Jesus’ followers have been emboldened to proclaim the gospel because of the resurrection?

Read 1 Peter 1:3-5. Why is Jesus’ resurrection a powerful event both for seekers and believers? How might a mature Christian approach the subject of the resurrection with fresh eyes and insight?

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