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Music for the Soul

Enjoy this playlist we put together for you.

Hey families!

Don’t miss our virtual Easter Jam, April 1-4.

A virtual Easter event for the whole family!

Get ready for Easter Jam by gathering your supplies ahead of time:

Easter Egg Roll
– Eggs (plastic or real)
– A makeshift finish line (string, tape, pillow, etc.)

Bust Your Bunny
– One chocolate bunny (any size)
– Frosting (in tube or tub – to act as “glue”)
– Hand towel
– Hammer (optional)

Get Creative

Get the family together and have some fun!

7 Egg Hunt ideas for all ages

Things may look different this year but that means we get to do some old things in a new way.

Bombs away!

Bath bombs that is. Upcycle your plastic Easter eggs with this easy recipe download.


Making Easter Good in the Neighborhood

Even if you don’t yet have close relationships within your own community, it’s never too late to seek them.

After all, Easter changes everything!

Check out these simple ways to share the joy of Easter in your own neighborhood this year.

He makes all things new

What does Easter have in common with addicts in recovery? It may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but the answer is nothing to laugh at and everything to be grateful for – new life.

Westminster Rescue Mission

Support men & women in recovery by filling their wishlist or sending an encouraging e-message.

You’ve been egged!

“Egging” your neighbors is a fun way to spread the joy and reason for Easter in your community. 

Decorate a neighbor’s tree with Easter eggs filled with fun surprises – and don’t forget to leave one egg empty! Put a door hanger on their door and encourage them to keep the Easter joy going!

Download the printable You’ve Been Egged! door hanger here!


Enjoying Easter from Afar – four families share how to embrace the simple

This past year, we’ve seen our share of social posts lamenting the difficulty in being separated from extended family and missing cherished traditions.  But we’ve also heard from people relishing the joy of the simple celebrations.

We share some insight from four families who have found the silver lining in the socially distant cloud.

The Power of Pysanka

Can you name an Easter tradition that began before Christ was born? Here’s a hint: in America, the tradition involves a small colored tablet, a splash of white vinegar, and usually, a very fun mess. In Ukraine, these decorated eggs are called Pysanka.

Ukraine Orphan Outreach

The Aging Out Intiative assists orphan graduates as they leave the orphanage system by providing the safety net of spiritual, physical and emotional support.