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We’ve all had parents. They’re responsible for at least some part of shaping how we got to where we are today. And our different kinds of experiences with parents have affected our thoughts on parenting. But what if we could broaden our idea of what it means to be a...

Songs of Christmas

Daily Christmas Devotional

Celebrate Christmas with us all month long! Whether you break out the Christmas music in early November or prefer to wait, carols are a big part of the Christmas season. This December, we’re offering a daily devotional called The Songs of Christmas, written by LifePoint volunteers and staff. Every day from December 1 through 25, we’ll explore your favorite Christmas carols in a fresh way. 

The Final Word

The Final Word

The book of Galatians is a powerful treatise on the sufficiency of God’s grace to save us apart from the externals of law-keeping. Attempting to keep the law as the way to salvation or even as the means for growing in Christ ends in failure and bondage. Freedom is...

Relationships, Sowing, and Reaping

Relationships, Sowing, and Reaping

God's Spirit gives new life to His people so that we can live like we have new life. This new life only properly functions in community with other people. When we walk in selfless community by God's Spirit, we experience the benefits of new life in Him. Discussion...

The Key to Freedom

The Key to Freedom

To this point in Galatians, Paul has done much in the way of explaining the freedom available in the gospel and the condemnation present in the Law. But how do we get that freedom, especially those of us who don’t feel so “free?" What is it that we need to do in order...

Joseph in Egypt

This week we will tum our attention to Joseph, Jacob/Israel's favorite son. We'll watch once again as sibling rivalry tears apart God's chosen family, and we'll trace God's hand in the life of a faithful servant, a life marked by patient endurance of suffering and...

What Remains True

In a world that is unknown, scary, and constantly changing, what can we cling to? The truth. God’s Word is eternal, never changing, and always constant.

Seasons of Change

God began teaching me how to be thankful for the current season of life I am in. When I would begin to feel discontent or wish my life looked differently, God would say to me “What you have in this season of life is the best thing for you now. Everything you think you want now is not what’s good for you.”


You know what God has been teaching me? His main desire for my life is not that I am healthy, happy or comfortable. And dare I say it… it’s not even for Him to answer my prayer and fix my situation. His main desire is that my character would be more like Christ.

Exile & Reconciliation

When we left Jacob last week, he was fleeing his brother, whom he had cheated twice through deceit and trickery. On his flight, Jacob received a vision from God, to which he responded with conditional faithfulness. Is there any hope for this guy? This week we will...

What are you thinking?

You see, God’s word teaches us that we can choose what we give mental real estate to. Those thoughts generate our emotions; those emotions fuel our behaviors; our behaviors determine the quality of our soul and even affect our bodily health

Sibling Rivalry

Abraham and Sarah have gone to their rest, and the scene shifts to Isaac and his offspring. Isaac and Rebekah raise a family like many families­one full of friction and favoritism. This week we will be introduced to one of the most famous sibling rivalries of all...