When opportunities arise and we are thrust into the spotlight, we have a choice to make. We can choose to camouflage our convictions to match our surrounding culture, or we can stand true to the people God calls us to be. Today’s sermon will awaken us to the reality that God may be leading us into these so-called opportunities. We’ll learn they may not always be a positive experience and could even lead us into danger. As we discover the fire of obedience we will ponder the potential challenges we could face and ways to remain obedient in spite of them.

Discussion Questions

In our Spiritually Healthy series, we are exploring the necessity of maintaining our spiritual health for the purpose of living a life of faithfulness. Have you considered how your spiritual health may impact the challenges you face? How might our lack of maintaining our spiritual health erode our ability to be faithful?

In our look at Daniel 3 and the account of the three men in the fiery furnace, we see the ultimate faithfulness to God on display before King Nebuchadnezzar. How might their story impact our willingness to remain faithful in the midst of our challenges? Read Daniel 3 and focus on verses 17-18. What about their response informs us of their perspective on the matter of remaining faithful?

How might we borrow the courage of these faithful men to examine our own spiritual health and consider our weaknesses when facing an adverse culture, trial or affliction? Our circumstances rarely mirror the difficulty Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced, but how might their response push us to consider our response if we were to face such a challenge?

This story has many overtones of the gospel in it especially when we look closely at the miracle that accompanies the men in the furnace. We see Jesus appear in the furnace with the faithful men and deliver them unharmed. We see this idea mirrored with the work that Jesus does on the cross for our sin and taking our place to overcome death on our behalf. Take a minute to recollect or to think about your own life and sin without the restorative work of Christ and where we would be without Him. How does this exercise generate in us a sense of gratitude and desire to remain faithful at all costs?

Read Matthew 5:14-16. When we read this passage, what comes to mind as we realize our faith cannot be hidden? When we read the command to “let our light shine before others” what must we consider to allow this command to take hold of hearts? (Example answers: Our attitude, practices, or choices.) Write down one decision I can do today to take a step towards spiritual health and ultimately a life of faithfulness.

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