For All

by Dec 16, 2018Sermon, Wonder

The good news that an angel shared with shepherds over 2000 years ago is the good news that we celebrate every year at Christmas. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that this good news is not just for us to keep to ourselves, but it’s for all the people. If we really understand the good news of Jesus Christ, then we’ll understand that it’s good news to be shared.


Discussion Questions

How do you understand the good news (the gospel) of Jesus Christ? What’s the good news?

Read Luke 2:10. What is the significance of the angel saying that the good news is for all the people? What barriers does this statement remove?

Read Luke 2:11. What is the difference between Old Testament prophecies telling of Jesus’ future arrival and this New Testament statement about the fact that the Savior has been born?

Read Matthew 28:18-20. If you’re a follower of Jesus, how are you sharing the good news and making disciples?

What could we do as a church to help fulfill the call to share the good news with all the people?

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