Glory in Brokenness

by Dec 2, 2016Easy and Light

Glory in Brokenness

I have chosen you. Not just the perfect. Not just the gifted. Everyone. Including you. 

Ephesians 1:4-5 (NIV)

The fireplace is lit. The flames leap and dance in a mesmerizing waltz. Twinkling lights adorn the mantle and the tree as the scent of pine lingers in the air. Packages spill forth from under the tree limbs eagerly awaiting squeals of children’s delight. The stillness and quiet, the beauty and expectancy, the love and family; all are embodied in this moment of peace. Christmas Eve, the night before our savior’s birth. Isn’t this the Norman Rockwell image we all have ingrained in our heads? We all long for the holiday scenes depicted in It’s a Wonderful Life. But for many people, the holidays are laced with brokenness. Life spews forth shattered dreams; the aftermath is where we live. For some of us, this time of year brings sharp awareness that our stark reality doesn’t align with the beautiful vision. The lost loved one departed too soon, the road of singleness, the unending journey of illness, infertility, job loss, the end of a marriage; these are just a few paths we find ourselves walking. These paths weren’t ever imagined, dreamed of, and certainly not chosen. They aren’t the makings of fairy tales.
Dear God, Let us be a people who live to glorify you not just in the beautiful but also in the brokenness. Let us reach out in love to our brothers and sisters as we enter into this Holiday season. Let us bring light to someone who desperately needs it. Let us be your reflection. Amen.

Yet, God tells us in his word, I am here. I am unchanging. Your life, your brokenness is for my glory. Sometimes God’s glory shines more brightly in the cracks of our lives. When we find ourselves walking a path we never knew existed, we find ourselves walking with God. Trust. Hope. Believe. But know that even if God doesn’t change your circumstances, He is good. He is truth. He is love. Always.

Whether you find yourself in a season of brokenness or a season of wholeness, God is for you. He’s created us to show his love to each other. Who did he put in your life for you to bless? Whose day needs brightened by your call, your message, your words, or your time? My prayer is that this holiday season would be filled with love for each of you. Even if that love looks very different than you imagined.

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