Most of us are desperate for hope—especially words of hope spoken to us by others. Hearing the right words can completely change our course in difficult or terrible circumstances. And here’s the thing about words of hope; they’re contagious. What if our eyes and attention were so focused on Jesus and His kingdom that our perspective about everything allowed us the freedom to encourage those around us at all times? Today, we will discover the ability and faith to choose where our hope comes from and what it means for us to speak encouraging words of hope to those who need to hear them.

Can you think of a time when you were young when someone said something hurtful that you can still remember today? How does this memory inform you of the power of words?

When you consider your own words, can you think of how you have used your words to wound others? How about encouraging others?

In light of today’s message, how did Paul and Silas use their circumstance to bring about freedom to the jailer? How does this story inform us of Paul and Silas’s faithfulness to allow God to use them even during their difficult circumstance? How might this impact our perspective of our difficult circumstances?

When we see Paul and Silas in prison, what is their attitude towards God? What do they do with their words while they are in prison? How do they respond to the unexpected interruption of jail?

When we think about how much our circumstances impact our words, how can we be more like Paul and Silas? What can we do with our words that could make the most significant difference in another person’s life?

The power of our past experiences can be used to help bring about freedom in another person’s life. If we have the courage to use our words to tell our stories, how might this demonstrate the power of God? Is there a story of a circumstance you encountered that God wants to use to bring freedom to another? Will you consider offering your words of hope to those around you?

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