It seems like we spend a lot of our time searching. We chase money, relationships, fame, and plenty of other things, hoping that some of it will deliver a sense of goodness, security, and joy. But those searches ultimately leave us wanting. We tend to forget that unless our chase is focused on God, we’re looking in the wrong place. In this message, we’ll see how God’s presence is exactly what provides His people with true confidence and delight.

Discussion Questions

Read Psalm 16:1-2. How is God your refuge? How is He your Lord? What would need to change in your life in order to follow Him?

Read Psalm 16:3-4. How does your view of God affect your view of other people? In what ways is this reflected in your life?

Read Psalm 16:5-6. What about God do you treasure? How would it look if you treasured Him above all else?

Read Psalm 16:7-8. What does it mean to have God as your counselor? How do you trust Him?

Read Psalm 16:9-11. How are you longing for God’s presence in a way that leads to confidence and joy?

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