God is gracious and that is a very good thing, and, normally, we consider it a good thing. But what happens when God shows His grace to those who have hurt us or others? All of a sudden we’re not so certain anymore. When God gives grace to the undeserving it raises hard questions in our minds and hard feelings in our hearts. This is exactly where we find Jonah in the final chapter of his story. Jonah’s encounter with God is an invitation for us to ask these same questions and to reconsider the vastness of God’s love and grace.

Discussion Questions

Have you ever been in a situation where someone you didn’t like got something you didn’t think they deserved? How did you process that?

What do you think of Jonah? Do you like him? Do you relate to him? Why or why not?

Read Jonah 4. What do you make of Jonah’s response to Nineveh? To the plant?

Are there individuals or groups for whom you find it impossible to have any compassion or love? What is it about them that makes you feel this way? What challenge does Jonah’s story give to you in this?

Read Luke 23:33, 34. Take 1 minute to reflect on the depth and magnitude of what Jesus is saying and what He is experiencing as He says it. What does this tell you about God’s Grace?

What is one step you can take to allow God to heal any anger or hatred that you might be holding in your heart?

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