It all points to Jesus. But for centuries Jesus has been a flashpoint for controversy. Some recognize Him for who He is while others reject Him outright. No single book of the Bible elevates and explains the person of Jesus quite like the Book of Colossians. And in this first section of the book, we’re reminded that Jesus is the point. He is our great and awesome God and the focal point of all creation.

Heresy is not a word that should be used lightly. Colossians was written to correct certain errors about the identity of Jesus. What are some common misperceptions or errors about Jesus that are popular in our day?

In writing to the believers in Colosse (1:2), Paul begins with very encouraging words. Read 1:3-8 and highlight the specific ways Paul encouraged the Colossian believers. Now think of people to whom you could provide similar encouragement (Who are they and what would you say?).

In addition to encouraging the Colossians, Paul prays for them. Read his prayer in 1:9-14. What is different about this prayer compared to the kinds of prayers you are more likely to hear? What part of Paul’s prayer do you most need to have answered in your life?

Paul paints a breathtaking portrait of Jesus Christ—the exalted Lord overall. Read 1:15-18. What do you find in these verses that confirm that Jesus was much more than a prophet or good teacher?

Spend more time reflecting on 1:15-18 by personalizing the passage into a prayer. Pray these verses back to Jesus by inserting the word, “you” in place of “He.” (For example: “You (in place of He) are the image of the invisible God…”). As you pray through these verses, you might want to include additional praises for who Jesus is and what He has done for you.

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