Lavish Gifts

by Mar 31, 2017Easy and Light

Lavish Gifts

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

Matthew 7:11 (ESV)

It was my birthday this past week. It wasn’t a milestone year for me or a particularly special number, but this year I received some especially lavish gifts. Not so much in what they cost, but in the thought and effort behind them. A long-distance friend sent me a “birthday party in a box” full of some of my favorite things. Another friend helped me feel truly pampered. My husband got me what I really wanted, even though it meant many hours of his time to acquire and set up. My coworkers made sure I felt loved and appreciated. My kids put time and effort into hand-writing sweet cards that I’ll treasure always. And a special group of women with whom I serve went over the top in showering me with abundant gifts and kind notes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to receive lavish gifts like these. I get too caught up in feeling guilty for not reciprocating or feeling unworthy of such extravagant expressions of care and love. But not wanting to receive a gift insults the giver. It shows disregard for the sacrifice of time and money spent and puts the focus on me and my insecurities instead of on the giver and the gift.
Thank you Lord, for the unending grace and love that you lavish upon us. Help us to receive the extravagant gifts you offer us through relationship with you.

In my struggle to graciously receive my birthday gifts this year, I realized that gifts from others can be an extension of God’s love to me as well. As I soaked in this truth, I allowed myself to fully receive what was given and to accept all the love expressed by the givers.

Our heavenly Father has given us extravagant gifts as well. The gift of his Son, whose sacrifice offers forgiveness and eternal life. The Spirit, who dwells inside us and gives us wisdom and comfort. Truth through his Word and the encouragement of our fellow believers. The gift of a relationship with himself, and his infinite love, mercy and grace – just to name a few.

We may feel we are unworthy to receive such lavish treasures. And it’s true – we are unworthy on our own merit. But through Christ’s sacrifice, we are made worthy. Are we receiving the gifts that God has to offer? Or are we wasting time feeling like we don’t deserve them?

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