Leading Your Family’s Spiritual Journey

by May 27, 2020Article, Parenting

Last Thursday evening, my two teenagers and I crowded around my laptop. We logged onto LifePoint’s livestream page and watched the preteen video. Yes, you read that right. We watched a video for 4th and 5th graders. In my defense, I’d heard several people mention how fun the preteen livestream was, and my kids and I wanted to see what the buzz was all about. We had a blast. The video was funny and engaging, and the 4th and 5th graders were clearly enjoying the live chat. It was a fun way to spend time with my children in God’s word right from home.

During these times, parents can be called to spiritually lead their families in a way that they haven’t had to before. If your kids aren’t able to attend Sunday classes, small groups, or church events, that doesn’t mean that their spiritual journey has to be on pause. Here are some ways you can lead your family spiritually when it’s the only option available.

Increase your own knowledge of God

It’s hard to teach what we don’t know. Use this time to learn more about your Heavenly Father.

For me right now, this looks like doing an online bible study in the mornings before my teenagers wake up (I am currently working through a study on 1 Samuel by Jen Wilkin that is wonderful) and then listening to a YouVersion Through-the-Bible plan while I get ready for the day.  I love that the study provides specific biblical knowledge while the YouVersion gives me a big-picture view of the Bible.

Your own time with God might look totally different, but I encourage you to somehow plug into God’s word regularly. If you are learning, you are also preparing to lead your children by example.

Bring God into your everyday experience 

One of the best and easiest ways you can lead your child spiritually is to show them all the ways that God is at work throughout the day. Did your unemployment check finally come through? Tell your kids and praise God for that! Are you able to work from home? Thank God for keeping you safe!

Our family likes to take turns praying before meals and thanking God for the blessings of that day. It’s always enlightening to see what each of us is thankful for. Sometimes it’s big things, like a job promotion or good grade on a test, and others it’s just the simple blessings of food to eat and time spent together.

You can also keep a running family prayer list. Ours is housed on a white board on the fridge and we include weekly prayer requests from family and friends. Having a visible reminder to pray helps hold us accountable for turning towards God.

Take advantage of online resources

Our church’s children’s ministry provides age-appropriate videos presenting spiritual truths. Take advantage of these! When we are all at church together, your children watch these same videos in their classes. They’ll probably feel comforted seeing familiar characters and a familiar format.  You can find the LifePoint preschool and elementary experiences here. 

Our student ministry for middle and high school students has a livestream every Sunday, and other Instagram live videos throughout the week.

Beyond LifePoint, The Parent Cue is a wonderful resource for spiritual parenting that provide a day by day app that you can download right to your phone.  The mission of the app is to provide simple and meaningful faith-moments with your child that will fit seamlessly into the daily rhythm of your life.

Surround your circle in the Word

This could mean pumping the worship music while the kids are cleaning their rooms or putting thought-provoking sermons on during longer car rides. One thing that is beneficial about this time at home is that we have the freedom to present God’s word in whatever space works for us.  There is no right or wrong for showing your children that God is who we turn to in a time of crisis.  Including His word in your everyday sends the message that He is the answer and source of peace.

Above all, remember that you are selected for the task of leading your family spiritually and you are best fit to decide what this looks like in your home.

“Be prepared, and prepare yourself, you and all your companies that are assembled about you, and be a guard for them.”

Ezekiel 38:7

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