Leaving a Lasting Legacy

by May 31, 2020Family, Sermon

Think deeply about why you’re alive and you’ll eventually conclude that you want to make a difference—a contribution through the one life you have. That longing is called legacy. It’s the desire to influence others now so that your influence lives beyond you. What if you could leverage a family legacy? Imagine your godly influence passed down even to those not yet born. With God’s help, you can be part of shaping the future for good.

Discussion Questions

How would you summarize the influence of your family tree? What legacy was passed down to you from your parents and grandparents.

Read Psalm 78:5-8. What specifics do you notice about God’s concerns for future generations? What does it mean for you to influence those not yet born?

What are some common understandings of the idea of legacy? Explain the statement: You’re leaving a legacy; good or bad.

Often legacy gets confused with the passing down of property or possessions. Read Jesus’ words in Luke 12:15. What is Jesus’ warning against? Where is real life found?

Read Exodus 20:5-6. What sobering warning and encouraging promise do you find in these verses? How can God use you to change your family’s legacy?

True or false: You’ll never know the full extent of your legacy while you’re still alive. Explain.

How does James 4:14 help you consider your legacy?

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