Light of Hope

by | Dec 11, 2022 | Sermon, Shine a Light

God’s people, the nation of Israel, waited hopefully over centuries for God to send their promised Messiah. Finally, a young woman named Mary, responded with faith to an angel’s surprising announcement that God was fulfilling his promise through her. Hope is a sometimes overlooked but essential quality for a life of faith. How is Jesus calling you to hope?

Read through the story in Luke 1:26-45 that describes Mary’s experience learning she would be the mother of Jesus. If you have time, extend your reading to include Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-56.

Imagine you are in a situation similar to Mary’s as described in Luke 1:26-36. What would you feel with this startling news from an angel? How might you respond?

What do you notice most about the way Mary responded to God’s message and action?

What truth do you find in this story about God and his character?

What are some of the pleasant and unpleasant surprises you’ve experience in life? Are you living through any of those experiences right now?

How could hope make a difference in your life? What is the connection between faith in God and hope? How is Jesus calling you to hope?

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