Light of Love

by | Dec 18, 2022 | Sermon, Shine a Light

Joseph must have been excited to get married but crushed when he learned his fiancée was pregnant (and he was not the father). After listening to a messenger from God, Joseph was reassured that Mary was miraculously pregnant and would fulfill God’s promise by giving birth to a son who would save his people from their sins. In addition to demonstrating Joseph’s love for God, for Mary, and for her son, his story also demonstrates how God’s love guides us in making decisions for His glory and for the benefit of others.

How has your love for God and others been demonstrated in your decision-making?

How has God’s love moved you to make life-changing decisions for the benefit of others?

An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and reassured him that marrying Mary was the right thing to do (vv.20-21). Has God’s reassurance ever led you to continue moving forward when facing adversity? How did the journey and the outcome impact your faith?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was likely to cause you to be ridiculed and/or criticized? How did you respond? How did God’s love influence your decisions in that moment?

Joseph’s reward for being obedient to God wasn’t immediately obvious to others. How have you reacted to being rewarded by God in a way that isn’t immediately noticed or acknowledged by others?

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