Living Gratitude

by | Nov 27, 2022 | Sermon

David recalled his painful challenges as well as remembered God’s faithfulness. God often uses gratitude to ignite life change for us and encourage faith in him. How can we develop a discipline of gratitude to change our perspective on life?

Read Psalm 40 paying attention to the flow and changes in this prayer song. What do you observe about David’s memory of his past in verses 1-3?

What do the “pits” of life look like…what might have been part of David’s pits?

How do David’s thoughts flow up to God then out to other people in verses 4-10?

What contributes to David finding himself back in the pit in verses 11-15?

How would you describe David’s heart attitude expressed in verses 16-17?

Recall a moment or season when you were in the “pits” of life, what did you learn, how did God bring you out of that pit?

How do we live out our faith in God by both falling into and coming out of  our pits? Are you in one of those pits now? How could you pause to confess both your dilemma and your trust to God right now?

How could you practice gratitude right now?

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