Money is strange. You need it to live, yet it can squeeze the life right out of you. We shouldn’t find it surprising that God has a lot to say about money and our possessions. Far from being an off-limits conversation even in the church, your view of money reveals much about your heart and the object of your trust. No wonder God compares the way we use money with our receptivity to greater spiritual riches. Even from God’s perspective, money matters.

Discussion Questions

Why is a conversation about following Jesus and giving money so polarizing? Why do some people welcome the conversation with excitement while others get defensive and weird?

Read Luke 16:10-11. What is the relationship between worldly wealth and spiritual riches? In what sense is money a barometer of your spiritual receptivity?

Around our church, we acknowledge that one of the characteristics of a Christlike influencer is giving generously. In what ways is God generous? (look at John 3:16 and Mark 10:45)

One basic stewardship principle for the Christ-follower is that God owns it all. Read Psalm 24:1. How does acknowledging God’s ownership change your perspective of your money and possessions? What is the primary role of a steward? And how does a steward differ from an owner (see 1 Cor. 4:2)?

How does your approach to money reveal your love for God? What adjustments might you need to make in your habits of giving, saving, and spending?

In what sense is the stewardship of your resources really kindergarten instead of graduate school? How is your view of money moving you closer to Jesus?

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