Habits can have a profound impact on our lives in both good and bad ways. And often, we’re unaware of how much we do in our lives simply by force of habit. We’ll discuss how modern behavioral science is catching up to what the church has known for thousands of years regarding habits. We’ll discuss how to break bad habits, establish good ones, and how this can have a hugely beneficial impact regarding our personal spiritual transformation into Christlikeness.

Discussion Questions

Read Romans 7:14-21. What’s Paul saying? Can you identify with this? Be as specific as possible identifying areas where you do what you don’t want to, or don’t do what you think you should.

Watch the Smarter Every Day© video about the Backwards Brain Bike. Do you think you could ride it? Why? What was required for everyone in the video that learned to ride the bike? What does this say about children? There’s another video showing how quickly someone can learn to ride the bike. What does this say about learning? Practice? Habits?

When He first encountering two of the disciples, Jesus asked them a question. He didn’t ask what they believed, or what they knew, He asked: “What do you want?” (John 1:38). What a great question! What do YOU want? What are your deepest current desires? One way to figure this out is by looking at your current behaviors. What do you do and think about by default? In other words, what actions and thoughts do you have and do habitually?

What are some practices that you might engage in that would lead to habits that have the potential to move you toward Christ?

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