From childhood, most of us have learned to love games. The excitement, the cheering, even the competition creates a rush of adrenalin that’s hard to find anywhere else. And on the playing field of life—even life with God—we can find excitement too. But living your life for God and with God is not a game. The stakes are high. The consequences are enormous. And the outcome is anything but trivial. No wonder God invites us to pay the price of giving up our lives so we can find real life.

Sometimes we hear about playing the game of life. Why is life—especially life with God—not a game?

While becoming a Christian is free, living as a Christian means paying a price. Read Mark 8:34-38. What do you notice about the price Jesus describes for one who has already believed in Him?

Following Jesus is anything but a game. Notice how Jesus describes what it’s like to follow Him in Luke 9:23 and 14:26-27. How does your life reveal that you are following Jesus?

Throughout the world, Christians are persecuted and killed for their faith. How do you mentally and emotionally process that reality? What is your response to God over the relative ease with which Christians live in the United States?

Water baptism expresses a believer’s desire to publicly identify with Jesus. Why should a believer be baptized? What’s the story of your baptism?

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