Own Your Destiny

by Jan 29, 2017Own It, Sermon

Life is to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest but always with an eye toward eternity. This life is not all there is. After your life is over, you will spend eternity either with God or separated from Him. Your destiny is sealed the moment you believe in Jesus for eternal life. But even as a believer in Jesus, you can change the quality of your eternity by the spiritual investments you make now. All the more reason to own your destiny!

Own Your Prejudice

No one wants to talk about prejudice. It’s an extremely uncomfortable topic and we tend to try to protect ourselves from it by avoiding the subject entirely or only considering extreme instances. The truth is that each of us has prejudices that have resulted from our...

Own Your Progress

When you “own it” you take responsibility. This is especially true for your spiritual progress. No one can grow for you. Only God has the power to truly change you. But you must choose to engage with God and take responsibility for your spiritual growth. Being honest...