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The Meal of the Movement

The church can be described as a body, a family, an army. It’s a movement of influence—one that seeks to bring glory to God and point people toward the Savior. On the night Jesus was betrayed and arrested, He initiated the movement with a meal.



A conversation about intentional living with Ryan Dilworth.

Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s Voice

If we said we had a personal relationship with another person, we’d all assume, at the very least, some degree of regular, back-and-forth conversation. So how does a “personal relationship with God” work? We talk to God through prayer, but how does God talk back to us?

Caring for One Another

Caring for One Another

God has gifted each of us to contribute to the spiritual well-being of the body of Christ. Being good stewards of our gifts means using them to impact the lives of others.

Freedom From the Past

Freedom From the Past

Our past marks us. Those experiences go into making us the people we are. But some of those experiences we would rather forget. Guilt, shame, and regret can carve deep gashes in our souls—permanent reminders of another life we would prefer to leave behind.

An Everyday Lesson

Within minutes of arriving in Iceland, I felt like I was on another planet. I was overwhelmed by sights that I couldn’t quite comprehend were real. Bits of ice from a glacier washed ashore the black sand. A small remote church on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The Vestrahorn mountain aglow in late evening light. A field of lupines overlooking the Skógafoss waterfall.
Each morning, my friend and I would pull over on the side of the road and spend time with the Lord. And within the first few days of adventuring, God so clearly told me “It’s time to slow down. My people are more important than checking things off your list.” God made it clear that I needed to view opportunities share His love the same way I had been viewing the spellbinding scenery.

Very Best Summer – Week 3

Week THREE of our VBS at LPC! Today we are reminded that we are forgiven! Our bottom line is: I can have confidence because I am forgiven. We know that even if we mess up, we can always talk to God about it.

Never Too Old For A Timeout

As a parent, I often feel the tremendous weight of instilling a moral compass within in my children.
But I am also wired to be busy. My brain is continually racing with things to be done and I am always rushing to keep up. The expectations I have placed upon myself to be the best wife, mom, daughter, employee, and volunteer do not leave space for much down time.
I wondered if I had failed to teach my kids an important lesson: how to enjoy life and find rest in knowing and loving Jesus. Why is this such a hard thing to show our children?

A Masterpiece With A Mighty Namesake

As Believers, we are recognized as something far greater without the grueling years of training and preparation. We are recognized as children of God! We bear the image of the Master and Creator of ALL things, and you are gifted that name. Olympians may be considered the greatest of all time based on how they perform, but your Creator thinks you are the greatest YOU of all time based on what HE did.