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In Sickness and in Health

It’s rare to find a really great marriage. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t take long for marriage to be put to the test by the harsh realities of life. In marriage, we’re together in sickness and in health. God designed marriage as a gift. And it’s easy to lose sight...

Daily Joe


Christmas is a time of expectation. We expect traditions to continue, carols to be sung, and gifts to be given…until something unexpected changes everything. Hear what Joe Duke, our Senior Pastor, has to say about how unexpected moments can be life-changing.

Songs of Christmas

Daily Christmas Devotional

Celebrate Christmas with us all month long! Whether you break out the Christmas music in early November or prefer to wait, carols are a big part of the Christmas season. This December, we’re offering a daily devotional called The Songs of Christmas, written by LifePoint volunteers and staff. Every day from December 1 through 25, we’ll explore your favorite Christmas carols in a fresh way. 

For Freedom

For Freedom

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. These are some of the most powerful and important words of the New Testament. The Grace of God through Jesus Christ sets us free to live in fellowship with God and with others. If only it were that simple. The book of...

Moving Forward Not Backwards

Moving Forward Not Backwards

Believing in Jesus for your salvation means you’re adopted by God and headed to heaven. But becoming a Christian won’t help you change and grow unless you’re cooperating with God’s Spirit in your life. You’re either moving forward or sliding backwards. Spiritual...

From Slaves to Heirs

From Slaves to Heirs

Through faith alone in Christ alone we’re transformed from slaves to heirs—heirs of God! God places the believer into the body of Christ. And in that moment, we put on Christ. That’s a profound, new reality. The only alternative to a life without Christ is bondage to...

Sibling Rivalry

Abraham and Sarah have gone to their rest, and the scene shifts to Isaac and his offspring. Isaac and Rebekah raise a family like many families­one full of friction and favoritism. This week we will be introduced to one of the most famous sibling rivalries of all...

The Long-Awaited Son

At long last, Isaac arrives- -a miraculous birth that emphatically answers the question' Is anything too hard for the Lord? If Abraham's life were made into a movie, the director would probably be tempted to roll the credits and drop the curtain right after the birth...

2 Timothy 2:13

If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. 2 Timothy 2:13 (NKJV)   Related SermonsSermonsStudiesGuidesArticlesStoriesFilmsDonateAboutLifePoint ChurchSubscribe to our newsletter.facebookinstagramvimeo

A Love Letter

Two truths stuck out to me as I read the following verses:

1) God loves us more than we can comprehend.

2) We are called to love others, and He longs to help us do that.

God Visits

This week we'll see the institution of God's covenant sign and His renewal of the promise of an heir to a newly named Abraham. And we'll gain further insight into the character of the man called the "friend of God" and the woman who would give birth to a nation. We'...

Begin with the Rocks

In order to focus on “being,” I needed to be willing to let go of “doing.” The two are mutually exclusive. I needed to quiet not just my body, but also my mind.

Calling & Covenant

This week, we will meet Abram - a man of faith and a man of flaws - as he journeys from Ur to Canaan, to Egypt, and back to Canaan. We will be introduced to Sarai, Abram's wife, who displays a willingness to help her husband hedge his bets, even at great personal...