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Peace. We sing songs about it. We march for it. Demonstrate for it. Hold conferences about it and create think tanks to create it. We long for it. But it remains elusive. We live in a world broken by war, poverty, hatred, and illness, making peace seem impossible. Yet...

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Freedom Weekend

Freedom Weekend

This weekend, churches all across the globe are partnering with International Justice Mission (IJM) in Freedom Sunday. LifePoint is thrilled and honored to participate again this year and to host a very special guest speaker. Sean Litton serves as President of IJM,...

Loves Extravagantly

Loves Extravagantly

Loving others means taking action for someone else. We love others because God has loved us first, with extravagant, unconditional love. Love is meant to be given away in overflowing measure. God demonstrates His own love for us by sending Jesus to die for us. We...

Surrenders Continually

Surrenders Continually

Saying, “I give up,” sounds like defeat unless we are surrendering to God. Victory and purpose in life are found when we live like Jesus lived. When we surrender continually to God we admit our absolute dependence on Him. And we acknowledge that our lives are really...

Walking on Water

We all know what it feels like to feel confident, or at least relatively comfortable. Peter was safe and dry inside the boat; he felt so confident that he called out to Jesus and said, “Tell me to come to you on the water.”

Ruth – Week 6

This week we will see the fullness of God’s gracious plan continue to take shape as Boaz honors both tradition and Ruth. Read Ruth 4:1-12. We see Boaz appear at the city gate before the elders and the “nearer kinsman redeemer.” When the “nearer kinsman redeemer”...

The Fourth Act

From our earliest years, we are taught the power of story. From The Cat in the Hat to Lord of the Rings, we learn to appreciate tales of the triumph of good over evil, of courage over fear and the power of the happy ending.

Ruth – Week 5

This week we see Naomi guide Ruth into action in the hope of redeeming both of their futures. Read all of Ruth 3 in one sitting. We see Ruth take a bold risk under the instructions of Naomi: She presented herself to Boaz to ask for marriage at the threshing floor....

A Renewed Mind

We live in bondage to our feelings, justified or not. We have remembered and memorialized the wrongdoings heaped upon us. If we aren’t careful our accusations shift to God. How could You allow this? Don’t You love me? Don’t You see me? Don’t You care?

Ruth – Week 4

This week we will see God’s sovereign hand directing the fate of these widows as they seek to begin a new life. We will focus on Ruth 2. Read all of Ruth 2 in one sitting. We see Ruth’s devotion as she rose to action to provide for Naomi. God’s hand graciously led her...

Ruth – Week 3

This week we see Ruth’s profession of faith and its outworking in her through her unwavering loyalty to Naomi. We are reminded that God’s saving work reaches beyond cultural and ethnic barriers. After a 10 year sojourn in Moab, Naomi and Ruth have returned to...