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Your Part to Play

One eager to please God is determined to get out of the bleachers and into the game. But our involvement in serving doesn’t have to be random or chaotic. God has given each believer a spiritual gift—a specific, supernatural ability for building up the body of Christ....

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The Younger Son

The Younger Son

The Parable of the Prodigal Son centers around the younger of two sons who turns his back on his father and his family to pursue his own freedom and happiness. His journey of rebellion, self-destruction, awakening, return, and redemption represents the very heart of...

Panel Interview

Panel Interview

This final part of the series will be a panel interview with four professional psychologists who attend LifePoint. Joe Duke will moderate. This interview will take the place of the sermon slot. Joe will summarize the series then introduce the panel will introduce...

The Path To Joy

The Path To Joy

At some point in our lives, we are all going to experience negative emotions. That’s right. Suffering will come. And the emotions associated with suffering…guilt, shame, sadness, despair, anger…they will follow. What we do with these emotions says a lot about our...

Relationships of Jesus – Week 3

Week 3: Women This week, we learn that: Sometimes, God's favor doesn't look like we think it will. Our unworthiness doesn't change our worth. With the resurrection, Jesus reversed the curse. SermonsStudiesGuidesArticlesStoriesFilmsDonateAboutLifePoint ChurchSubscribe...

Relationships of Jesus – Week 2

Week 2: The Marginalized and Excluded This week, we learn that: Jesus overcame fear-based exclusion with love and compassion. What we assume about suffering determines our response to it. We have to see our prejudices and their consequences before we can overcome...