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Giving Matters

Money can activate either greed or generosity within us. When God urges us to share our financial resources for the good of others, He doesn’t do so by appealing to guilt or obligation. God tells us that we can invest in things that really matter by sharing the money...

The Psalms are the songbook of the Bible and a record the heart’s deepest longings and vulnerabilities. The writers of these inspired songs remind us that godly affirmations and raw emotions serve to move us into God’s presence. The Psalms show us that God invites us to unleash the overflow of our hearts in His direction—the joys and sorrows, hurts and hopes, confidence and fear. Whatever is in your heart, sing it out to God who is eager to welcome you into His presence.

Make Room for Jesus

Make Room for Jesus

The story of that very first Christmas includes chilling words for any family trying to deliver a baby: “There’s no room for you.” Truth is, that’s not the last time that sentiment would be spoken in Jesus’ direction. Life wants to crowd out Jesus. The pace. The...

A Temple Without Walls

A Temple Without Walls

In the second chapter of his letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul says that believers in Jesus are being built together into a holy temple in which God’s Spirit dwells. It’s a beautiful picture of unity and of believers bound together in peace. However, that...

The Final Victory

The Final Victory

Jesus is distinct from any other political leader. He is God in the flesh. He is a coming King. He will bring earthly powers into account. He will win the final victory. It’s not unusual these days to hear people ask, “Is this the end times.” Maybe. God tells us what...

Common Cents Part One: Finances and Faith

The relationship between our finances and our faith is often perceived as a complicated one. While many of us have no issues trusting God in most aspects of our lives, many us struggle to do this when it comes to money. However, the relationship between finances and our faith is one worth understanding.

Kids Experience January 10

Share what you have.This week Jesus’ story gives US a great Rule for Life. We can choose to be generous with the things we have.  We can share ANYTHING God has given us—like our time, our talents, our money, or the things we own. We have a responsibility to share what...

Two Is One

If having two is considered having only one, rarely will you find yourself with none. These words act as a reminder that being proactive will always serve us better than being reactive. Proactivity has to do with actions we initiate; reactivity has to do with actions initiated by other people, events, or situations.

Celebrate Recovery January 7

There's a story in Daniel, chapter 3, about three young boys, Sadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo, who are thrown into a fiery furnace for daring to honor God by not bowing to a golden image.  But there was another in that fire with them.  Many believe it was God Himself,...

Kids Experience January 3

Love God by loving others.Happy New Year!  This month we will hear some important “Rules of the Game” straight from God’s Word.  This week we will hear that as followers of Jesus, we have a responsibility to love God by loving others. That’s what Jesus said is the...

Focusing Our Gaze in the Year Ahead

One of my favorite memories as a little girl was the shopping for school supplies trip with my Mom or grandmother. There was something so special and exciting about carefully selecting the notebooks, pens and book bag that were to be my daily companions for the year ahead.

Kids Experience December 27

God sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. After the shepherds saw Jesus, they told others what the angel had said about Him. They couldn’t wait to share God’s message of peace with everyone they knew!  Everyone was amazed when they heard what the shepherds said....