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A Theology of Work

One-third of our lives are spent at work. When you consider errands, chores, hobbies, or raising children, the percentage of our lives we spend working can be significantly higher than 30 percent.

Resource Resort

Resources to rest and restore the soul

God’s Unstoppable Purpose

God’s Unstoppable Purpose

We tend to get frustrated when things don’t go our way. And if we’re honest, sometimes our frustration is tied to our stubbornness. But what if God uses tough circumstances to get our attention for a reason?

Salvation Belongs to the Lord

Salvation Belongs to the Lord

Jonah is in an unbelievable situation, living three days and three nights in the belly of a giant fish. After Jonah disobeyed and ran away from God, it’s almost equally unbelievable that God would still pursue, rescue, and protect Jonah.

Running From God

Running From God

You may not be a prophet like Jonah, but there are times when God wants you to do something you should not ignore. You can respond in obedience. Or you can run. Running from God is never a very good option. You may not get swallowed by a giant fish, but you will be...

Easter Jam

Easter Egg RollYou will want to gather these materials to enjoy the Easter Egg Roll. The game will be part of the video. So gather together and bring this game to life! Eggs (plastic or real) A makeshift finish line (string, tape, pillow, etc.) Bust Your BunnyYou will...

Mary of Bethany

A lone young woman in a room full of men approaches Jesus with a box. The box held a perfume so valuable and expensive that it represented this young woman’s total life savings. This box held enough money for her to live comfortably into retirement, and a dowry which would allow her to marry into a wealthy family. This young woman was Mary of Bethany.

The People At The Temple

On the Monday immediately following Palm Sunday, Jesus entered the temple area of Jerusalem. At that time, the temple was enormous, dominating the city, covering an area larger than most American football stadiums today. The outer area of the temple where the market was likely held was called the Court of the Gentiles. Although the temple and the court were both considered sacred spaces, it did not stop the people of Jerusalem from conducting business there.

Kids Experience – March 28

You can celebrate even when you're waiting.Today is PALM SUNDAY!  (See Matthew 21:1-11) The religious leaders had studied and waited their whole lives for a Savior . . . and still, they didn’t recognize Jesus when He came. But the rest of the people DID see how...

The Crowds In Jerusalem

The dust hangs heavy in the air from the scurrying of thousands of feet. The noise grows deafening as more and more gather—squeezing, shuffling, jostling for position along the edge of the road. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the cacophony quiets. The shouts turn to soft murmurs filled with excitement, curiosity, hope: “Look! He’s coming!”

Then, the voices rise in volume once again, this time of unstoppable praise: “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!”